Your Guardian Angel and You

Your Guardian Angel and You - Together 

My Guardian Angel and Me
 is an uplifting brand with a range of products based on Tina B Kirkman's precious and inspiring book. We were all born with a Guardian Angel and in this modern, stressful world, it can be hugely reassuring to know that they will always be looking out for us.- no matter what.

Enjoy the empowerment and inspiration the book offers you as you go through life, watched over by your own Guardian Angel. Share this feeling of peace, happiness and tranquility with others with beautiful gifts from The Angel Gift Shop. 

The Author
Tina B Kirkman was born in Yorkshire, England and was aware of the presence of her Guardian Angel from a very early age. The constant, unwavering support Tina's Guardian Angel has given her throughout her life has inspired her to share this amazing experience through her book.

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